Killing Eve

‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Review

BBC America’s Killing Eve has finally returned with its second season, giving viewers another dose of the fascinating, hilariously dark and supremely intense spy-thriller. With its tighter focus on the captivating relationship at the centre of the series, not to mention its flawless blend of dark humour and intense drama, Killing Eve continues to be one of the most compelling and entertaining shows on television.

Rating: 9.5/10

What Works?

The strongest and most compelling aspect of Killing Eve continues to be the utterly intoxicating and wonderfully complex bond between Sandra Oh’s quirky MI5 agent and Jodie Comer’s flamboyant assassin. Kicking off just thirty seconds after Eve (Sandra Oh) stabbed Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in the stomach, the second season delves even deeper into the powerful connection between the characters, with the writers taking the much talked about dynamic to an entirely new level of crazy. Every moment and every scene shared between the duo oozes with chemistry, which is undoubtedly thanks to the astonishing performances from both leads.

After capturing the audience’s attention with her outstanding portrayal of a lovable psychopath, Jodie Comer continues to amaze in the second season, exploring new sides of Villanelle’s volatile personality and delivering another outstanding performance. Sandra Oh is also given the opportunity to shine in season two, stepping out of Comer’s very large shadow (in terms of talent) and offering an incredibly exciting and somewhat terrifying portrayal of a powerful woman consumed by desire. The supporting cast, which includes Kim Bodnia and Sean Delaney, is also worthy of appreciation, particularly Fiona Shaw for her pitch-perfect performance as Eve’s eccentric and downright hilarious boss, Carolyn.

With the heartbreaking news that showrunner and screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge wouldn’t return to write the second season, fans rightfully questioned if a new writer would be able to maintain the unique tone, style and quality of the original. To our complete surprise, Emerald Fennel has an extremely strong understanding of what makes the show and its characters tick. While it’s impossible to emulate Waller-Bridge’s unique voice and style, the new writer has delivered an almost flawless continuation that adds depth to the characters, takes the narrative in an interesting direction and plays with the bizarre, intense and hilariously dark tone.

In terms of execution, Killing Eve is still one of the most beautifully crafted shows on television. The world of espionage has never looked more stunning, with the various cinematographers finding unique and consistently breathtaking ways to shoot the season. It’s also worth noting that the series hasn’t lost its great taste in music, as the season features one of the best scores/soundtracks since season one landed in 2018.

What Doesn’t Work?

Compared to the incredible first season, which had the audience hooked from the very beginning to the shocking end, season two of Killing Eve struggles to maintain the fast-paced style of the series and loses a great deal of momentum somewhere in the middle. While Fennel does an outstanding job of taking the characters and story in a surprising direction, the writer seems to lose focus and get distracted on multiple occasions, leaving us to wonder if everything is as planned out as we initially believed. Thankfully, Fennel manages to pull everything together for a mind-blowing and utterly brilliant finale, which rivals the brilliance of season one.


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