‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Review

Spider-Man: Far From Homethe latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony Pictures’ third (and hopefully final) attempt at a second Spider-Man adventure, perfectly blends teen romance with epic superhero action, giving comic-book fans a charming, outrageously entertaining and surprisingly epic sequel.

Rating: 10/10

What Worked?

When it comes to Spider-Man‘s adventures on the big screen, the most important thing is to deliver a fresh and refreshing narrative, and this is unquestionably where Jon Watts has succeeded the most. By taking Spidey out of New York and once again focusing on the kid beneath the mask, the latest Marvel flick is able to give fans a unique superhero experience, which feels completely different to the previous Spider-Man movies.

Tom Holland, who has now portrayed the web-slinging hero in five different Marvel movies, continues to prove that he was born (or genetically designed in a lab) to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Spidey and the world he exists within have certainly changed since Thanos’ universe-shifting snap, Holland still brings his youthful charm and excitement to the character, making Peter one of the most relatable and likeable heroes in the Marvel franchise. Jake Gyllenhaal makes his comic-book movie debut as Quentin Beck aka. Mysterio, a noble warrior from another dimension who works with Spidey to defeat creatures known as The Elementals. The actor, who is perhaps most known for his more dramatic and small-scale movies, brings a certain amount of weight to Beck and does a phenomenal job of grounding what could have been Marvel’s most peculiar character yet. Admittedly, it’s difficult to discuss Mysterio’s role in the film without entering spoiler territory, but we should be okay to say that the character is given a fitting and downright flawless introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Compared to the previous Spider-Man films, especially Sam Raimi’s trilogy, Spider-Man: Far From Home makes great use of supporting characters such as Zendaya’s MJ, Jacob Batalon’s Ned and Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan. Jon Watts takes the necessary time to add depth to the supporting characters, which gives the audience a chance to build a real connection with Peter’s ordinary life as well as his superhero one. Instead of existing solely to serve Spider-Man and the larger storyline, the supporting characters in Spider-Man: Far From Home have their own purpose and role in the narrative, which makes to overall film more enjoyable.

While Spider-Man: Homecoming placed a large chunk of its attention on Peter’s love life, the sequel is almost entirely focused on the growing connection between Peter and his awkward classmate MJ. The will-they-won’t-they aspect of Spider-Man: Far From Home is arguably the films most endearing and charming element, with both performers wonderfully portraying the awkward and undeniably cute-ness of their relationship. More than anything, however, it’s the authenticity that makes the connection between Peter and MJ work so well. Some of the intimate moments between the characters feel incredibly real and as an audience member, you find yourself genuinely excited about Peter’s love life.

Possibly the most enjoyable aspect of Spider-Man: Homecoming was the energetic and youthful tone that Jon Watts brought to the project. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Far From Home is able to maintain the fun and lighthearted tone that fans loved while delving deeper into some more serious and emotional themes. More than any other Spider-Man film, this one focuses on Peter’s life beyond Spidey and this gives Watts a better opportunity to play with the tone of the film and experiment with different styles. Spider-Man: Far From Home still very much feels like a classic high-school movie and all of the John Hughes influences are still extremely apparent, but this time around the director blends that tone with a more epic and emotional superhero drama, resulting in a very different and much more satisfying film.

When it comes to a Marvel blockbuster, the action is obviously something that’s very important to the success (or failure) of the movie. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Far From Home features the best action we’ve ever seen in a Spider-Man movie, with director Jon Watts and everyone involved giving fans some of the most energetic, exciting and utterly mind-blowing action sequences the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever produced. There are specific moments and sequences in here that will completely destroy expectations and on a visual level, Jon Watts has been able to construct sequences that I didn’t believe would have been possible a week ago.

What Didn’t Work?

When it comes to aspects of Spider-Man: Far From Home that didn’t completely work, the only issue I honestly has with the film was that the narrative didn’t always make sense. Certain events and specific moments were almost too coincidental, with a few of the larger sequences feeling almost too unrealistic, even for a superhero movie. While this is something that didn’t completely ruin the film for me or make me enjoy the story any less, it was something that repeatedly irritated me throughout the film.


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